Best paint colors to make home appear more spacious

Any small-sized rooms can appear spacious with the right color combinations. In fact, painting a room to make it look bigger is one of the cheapest methods for you to give the unit an illusion of being spacious!

As a general rule of thumb, lighter colors will make your room look bigger and brighter. These colors are a lot more reflective than other colors, which maximizes the effects created by any natural lighting from outside along with your own lighting set up indoors. Below, we share with you the best paint colors you can apply for small rooms.

Straw Yellow

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If you are painting a small kid’s room, you can paint it in straw yellow. In a house that is already relatively small-sized, this shade is not too child-like that you need to close off the room away from the other sections of your house to make the colors look more harmonious.

A child’s study room with this color, for example, can have glass panel doors or none at all to provide a sense of spaciousness in the house and the color would still blend right in!

Black & White

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White is the first color that comes to mind when it comes to spaciousness. When you paint your walls white and scatter some furnishing which mixes black and white together, it creates the perfect tones for a large-looking living room!

There’s many possibilities to this color combination - you can have yourself various room themes with black and white, ranging from classic and clean to modern and glamorous. Feel free to add in metallic, mirrored elements with these colors!

Sky Blue

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Let’s say you are painting a small bedroom - you will want your bedroom to feel calming, light and airy rather than cramped and gloomy.

Sky blue or other similarly soft blue hues will give an expansive feel to your room, and would pair up well with white and dark brown accents. You can also opt to have your wall in vertical blue and white stripes for an extra spacious boost!


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Try mixing this light purplish tone with bolder accents - If you can’t make up your mind between bold colors and light tones, lavender will be the best color for you.

Not only does it reflect more sunlight from the windows to give a more spacious illusion, it also allows for artistic furnishing with bold colors - get a glamorous feel with sparkly accessories and mirrors around the room and you won’t go wrong!

You can mix lavender with accents such as emerald green and orange.


White may be too bright and stark, perhaps easy to get dirty as well. In comparison, a soft shade of grey would give just the same effects!

Soft gray shades work well with many other colors palettes and also create the effect of an open and calming space. If you like a minimalist design, grey color will complement your furnishing well!


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This feminine shade is pleasing to the eyes and is pretty versatile in function too! This color can be applied for any rooms from nursery rooms to living rooms, with an added bonus for being a super photogenic color!

If you are worried that the pink color may stand out too much, you can utilize this color to blend in well with some of your decoration items - an accent with wallpapers, cushions or other furnishings, as an example.


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If your room has good access to natural light, aqua tones are your to-go color. This light green-slash-blue color is a popular color in places meant for relaxing. The soft, gentle tone will give a sense of airiness, much like an open area.

Even smaller spaces and tinier rooms such as private spa rooms can feel much bigger! This color can be paired with other similarly light-toned colors, or it can go well with jewel tones which may be super bold in nature.

Extra Tips to Create A Spacious Look for Any Small Rooms

Your furnishing also matters when it comes to enlarging a small room! For best results, you can pair these colors up with a less-cluttered furniture arrangement.

Utilize hidden storage spaces to hide clutters, and opt for fewer, bigger decoration items rather than many small ones.

This will prevent a sense of crowdedness in a room. Similarly, choose fewer bigger-sized furnishing rather than smaller pieces. This simple tip can make your room look bigger effortlessly!

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