Tips of selecting Scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian furniture boasts their simple and minimalist design, and you can find these quaint furnishings in countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Scandinavian furniture are on the rise in terms of popularity, and here’s why - Scandinavian furniture manufacturers keep their products stunning, functional and affordable with lots of potential for innovation.

If you like a clean, minimalist design, you should definitely consider getting Scandinavian furniture sets! Let’s review a step-by-step of how to select these beautiful furnishings.

Creating A Scandinavian Style Cozy Home

Step 1 - Start Clean

The basis to a Scandinavian theme is its cleanliness and simplicity. Declutter your room back to basics and keep it as empty as possible. This empty room will be the blank canvas for you to furnish with stylish Scandinavian furniture!

Step 2- Paint the Walls Light

A fresh coat of paint always enhances a home. You can paint the walls bright white and mix it up with some grey along other walls or sections to go beyond the pure white norm.

There are also other alternatives for white and grey! There’s bright white, warm white, white with a blue, green or yellow undertone to mention a few.

Step 3 - Filtering through Your Furniture

Optimally, all of us would be able to afford brand-new furnishings, but we can also choose which furniture to keep and which ones not to. Clean-cut furniture with a clear line, light and simple design is generally preferable.

If you are looking to purchase something affordable, you can even purchase some of these Scandinavian furnishings online on websites such as Joy Design Studio, Hipvan, and MoreDesign.

Step 4 - Decorating

With the bigger furniture pieces such as couches, dining table sets and beds settled, it’s time to look at some layerings with different textures! This is where you add cushions, rugs and paintings. Remember to add items with different textures; You can have a cowhide rug, some knitted pillows and velvet cushions, as an example.

Black and white art pieces are a must in Scandinavian designs, but you can also find other soft colors such as blush pinks, icy blues and muted greens.

Feel free to utilize geometric designs for decor items such as grid-patterned cushion cover as well since geometric patterns are an integral part of Scandinavian furnishing designs!

Step 5 - Accents

Scandinavian designs may be mostly monochromatic, but it doesn’t mean that it’s all black and white!

You can accent your room designs with pale tones such as those mentioned in the step above and add some timber accents into your Scandi furnishings.

Timber accents can balance out the cold tones featured in most furniture, providing warmth and some organic texture. An example of this step would be adding a wooden stool or two into your overall designs!

Step 6 - Beauty of Nature

Amidst all the pale tones and monotonous blacks and whites, some simple potted plants can be placed around the house as well!

Try choosing some hardy plants that can fare well without needing too much care. Remember to allow in natural lighting aside from the floor lamps, droplet lights or any other Scandinavian furniture that you have installed.

Step 7 - Light Control

Keep your windows simple. The key here would be to introduce as much natural light as possible - the light paint tones around your home can reflect natural light well and create a super cozy feel for your home with no effort on your part!

There’s no need for heavy velvety curtains when it comes to a Scandinavian furnishing style; Remember that simplicity is the key here!

Step 8 - Review & Adjustment

If you have proceeded with all 7 steps above, give yourself a pat on the back! You have learnt quite a number of tips for excellent Scandinavian furnishing, and now it’s time for you to review the interior scene that you have created.

Remove any pieces that look out of place and make sure that sections around your house are not too cluttered or cramped.

We hope that these 8 steps are helpful for you to achieve the dream Scandinavian home decor look! If you have found these tips helpful, do keep our page bookmarked as we will be sharing plenty more of home furnishing and decoration tips.

Meanwhile, enjoy decorating your home Scandinavian style! Feel free to share your decoration tips on the comment below.

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